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QCFC - Land United FC Affiliated Partnership

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Land United FC located in Indian Land, South Carolina. The goal between QCFC and LUFC is to have a vertical alignment via our affiliated partnership.


LUFC will benefit from QCFC's position in the market as a Semi-Professional Club. QCFC will be hands on in the development of LUFC youth players by training LUFC teams once/twice a week or as needed. QCFC will also host Spring, Summer, and Fall camps and clinics and help organize LUFC coaches. QCFC will serve as an additional resource for LUFC Administration, coaches, and players. Additionally, this partnership will cement LUFC position in youth development with a direct path to pro.


This partnership is crucial for the continuous success of QCFC club as it will strengthen QCFC's position in the youth development aspect. This partnership will complete the path to pro circle from grassroots to the professional level.


This partnership is for LUFC to leverage QCFC's exposure, marketing, and resources to continue to develop their youth players. By doing so, this partnership will create a clear path to pro where LUFC's players will be developed as they age out of their perspective groups and put into a UPSL pool of players. Those players will have access to the QCFC's professional and semi-professional partnership and resources with the opportunity to QCFC's UPSL Semi-Professional team.

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