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TEAM NEWS: Queen City FC is proud to announce Mark Guercio as the new Head Coach for the

upcoming season. Guercio comes with a lot of experience, licenses and

connections which will help take us to the next level. Guercio has been the Head

Men’s Soccer Coach at Queens Grant High School for almost 12 years (2011-

2021) where he won the PCAC Tournament in 2011 and was named Regional

Coach of the Year in 2011 and 2016.

Guercio won the league with Goyo FC, a Mongolian First Division League as the

Head Coach in 2016.

Guercio began his career as a coach at the high school level. From 1996 to 1998,

Guercio served as Brevard High School Men’s Assistant Soccer Coach and the

Women’s Co-Head Soccer Coach. From 2000-2007, Guercio was East

Mecklenburg High School Assistant Men’s Coach. Then he was named the Head

Men’s Soccer Coach for two years (2008 to 2010). Guercio became the Director of

Club for Mecklenburg Union FC from 2011 to 2013.

Regarding his coaching certificates and licenses, Guercio has his US Soccer

National “D” license, his United Coaches Soccer Association Regional and

numerous “Special Topics” Certificates from The United Coaches Soccer


As part of his role with Queen City FC, Guercio will prepare and attend the

day-to-day practices and strategize game plans. In addition, Guercio will help

Queen City FC’s fundraising and sponsorship efforts to bring more recognition and

growth to the team and build relationships with the surrounding High Schools,

Universities, and Colleges in the Charlotte.

“We are proud to have an individual like Mark Guercio in our corner. His

experience and leadership are great for our players' development and his

connection in the soccer world, and in the Charlotte Community will help take us to

the next level. Welcome to the family.”

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