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What is Queen City F.C. Academy?

Queen City F.C. Academy will develop some of the most talented soccer players in charlotte, with a aim of joining the UPSL professional development team.

The mission is to develop homegrown player comparable to the best in the state. As the program develop, the academy will aim to provide an average of two 92) players per year to the professional development team.

The club will emphasize the holistic development of each individual, producing well-rounded individuals who become valuable members of the community.

Is there a cost to participate?

Pre-Academy: The cost for each player is $60 per month for 9 months period. Total of $540. One time payment or payment plans are available.

How long does the pre-academy season last?

Pre-Academy: The season is a 9-month period with two seasons, fall and spring. There will be two (2) practices a week with

Are there games and practices?

Pre-Academy: There are eight (8) games per season.

Where will the academy team train?

Pre-Academy: Training/practices will be at NorthSide Christian Academy

Where will the games be?

Pre-Academy: Games will be at NorthSide Christian Academy

What will the time commitment be for QCFC Academy players?

Typically, academy prospects will participate in evening practices two nights a week, plus games (home and away) on weekends.

The academy season will run year-round, with targeted breaks that align with the school calendar and major holidays.






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