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The academy program is not only our way of connecting to the community but giving back to the community. our goal is to connect to the community by developing young talents and creating loyal fans to our club and the beautiful game of soccer. The academy program is for both boys and girls, ages ranging from seven (7) to twelfth (12) years old. The are four academy levels, pre-academy; ages 7 and 8, junior academy; ages 9 and 10, developmental; ages 11-14, and lastly academy; ages 15 to 19. As we are a new club, we will first start with the pre-academy and add a level each year.


Queen City F.C. Pre-Academy is designed to introduce young players to the fundamental of the game with a focus on  fun and player development. This eight (8) weeks program is offered both in the Fall and Spring.

The main focus of our Pre-Academy is to provide fun and challenging environment that will develop player skills, love for the game and most of all prepare them for competitive soccer.






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